Project title


Following the need to mobilize capital, as well as potential customers, Sterlion Estates approached Black Citrus requesting for a strategy that would be used to attract investors, as well as position the product in a way that would effectively attract the two target groups.

Through expansive research and consultation with the Sterlion team, Black Citrus was able to come up with a positioning strategy that tied in with the current business need in the market for low cost housing. Black Citrus was further able to identify the gap in the low cost housing that no one was taking care of. Sterlion Estates could take advantage of.

The problem definition, alongside the justification of the same has now caught traction among investors who would like to be part of the change. There has also been positive response to the product from the market in terms of signed up inquirers, as well as the property owners who will now have access to their own homes.