Project title


When they approached us, Body evolution by Winnie spa offered signature treatments that revitalize body, mind and soul. Through state of art signature messages, body treatments, beauty treatments, health, beauty and wellness products as well as wellness and pamper packages.

After extensive research and analysis of the market, we positioned Body Evolution by Winnie as a wellness center where they not only take care of your superficial needs, but also your general wellness improving the quality of life. This helped the brand stand out from the competitors as the word “spa” has traditionally had a negative connotation in the market. We therefor carefully crafted a positioning statement to reflect that: “Redefining your Wellness”.

After the strategy, we went ahead and created a fresh new look for the brand, one that stood out, one that spoke of bespoke luxury and one that could stand the test of time. The logo was simplified with a circular shape representing the continuous process of repairing both body and mind. The corresponding visual style employed a minimalist approach to bring out the luxury aspect.